Banja Luka is a city in western Bosnia and Herzegovina, situated on river Vrbas. Banja Luka is second largest city in whole Bosnia and Herzegovina and many consider him one of the most beautiful cities. In middle part of city flows river Vrbas. The central part of the city lies at an altitude of 163 cm, surrounded by Tertiary hills. Surrounding of Banja Luka is rich with diverse forest quarry, and rivers with fish, which contributed developing of hunting and fishing. The climate in Banja Luka is moderately continental with influences of Pannonia belt. Thanks to long and valuable history of Banja Luka city has a very rich and diverse cultural heritage. The most famous cultural notable sites of interest in city are the Capitol Building and ban’s Palace, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior Orthodox Church, Fortress Kastle, Museum of Republic Srpska, Museum of Contemporary Art of the Republic Srpska, National Theatre of Republic Srpska, the Palace of the Republic (or the seat of the President of the Republic Srpska), Gospodska Street, monument to Petar Kocic, Convent of Marija Zvijezda,  Banj Hill, Monument Poplar horror and monument Twelve babies.


Tourist city who have not yet visited the hordes and camp of commercial tourism,  the charm and easy access makes Banja Luka a unique holiday destination. River Vrbas does river the National Park "Kozara". Besides the beautiful views of the mountains, visitors will be delighted with pure mountain spring and the scent of evergreen trees and plants. In distances of 24 km from Banja Luka, there is a natural carved stone bridge which is the starting point for hiking through the mountains Manjača, which leads uphill to the monastery Gomionica. In addition to the tourist town of Banja Luka, there are many offers of this Bosnian Herzegovinian town, there are monasteries, spas, rural areas, and sports such as skydiving, paragliding, kayaking and rafting, caving, climbing, hiking, mountain biking, cannoning, hiking and recreational sports.

Real Estate

Real estate is web portal that allows a very simple and intuitive way provides an opportunity to find your flat, house, shop, cottage, and land, in Banja Luka as in Sarejevo the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina's property located in large numbers. Banja Luka is populated with about 270,000 inhabitants. Every year there are a number of property sales. Land as real estate is very popular in Sarajevo and Banja Luka, due to the greater population and wealthy population, and preserved land.