Bihac is the capital city of the Una-Sana canton, situated in the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with an area 689 km 2, between the mountains Plješevica and Grmec.  Thanks to favorable geographic and climatic conditions, this area has been inhabited in the Paleolithic period.  The first cities around the Una River, according to historical sources,  resulting in mid-thirteenth century.  Bihac,  the center of Pounje,  is first mentioned in 26.02.1260. in the Charter of the Hungarian-Croatian king Bela IV, the city is built on the island of St. Ladislav, owned Benedict abbey from Topusko. Many poets sung, Bihac and Una. Chosen the most beautiful words portray to ordinary mortal’s divine beauty "only". Walking through "Street Bišće" wrote their own poems about city of legends. The painters did the same, all the color palette meets in joint city and river. Bihac is a city of art and city of the artists. City that builds a festival tradition, now offer traditional festivals of fun and folk music that carry the name of city Bihac. There is also a Festival of traditional Bosnian music, dedicated to the promotion of Bosnian “sevdalinka”. Your visit to Bihac, try to arrange in time of the cultural and artistic events, because in that is even more beautiful and richer.
Cultural events:
Bihać summer-festival theatrical theatrical art, street Bišće -cultural and artistic events, the Days of the Una River - cultural and artistic events, the Festival of Popular Music Bihac- the cultural and artistic events, the Festival of folk music Bihac -the cultural and artistic events, Sevdah Fest Bihac- the cultural and artistic events.


For tourism Bihac and Una are a unique challenge. This environment of water, air and mountain elevations, all tourists will fulfill all his wishes. Water offers an unforgettable rafting or kayaking the waterfall. If you are a fan of fishing Una and Klokot, are a true paradise with a wealth and variety of fish. In our extremely clean rivers every tourists will find pleasure in swimming. In contrast to water, air also gives you an adventure. Air Lift will raise serious fans of sailing on the record level, while less demanding, will satisfy your adrenalin needs and panoramic flights in small sport planes. The airspace above Bihac is covered with parachutes, paraglide and gliders with engines. The mountain ranges  Plješevica and Grmec simply invite you to try to hunt big wild animals.

Real Estate

City Bihac slowly getting a larger number of new residential and commercial buildings in the style of modern construction. In Bihac in summer season the real estate for rentals are in increasing demand.